Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Monster Mash-Ups!

Rough concept sketches in Photoshop of this idea I had of combining the concept behind The Deadliest Warrior with monsters. Specifically Hollywood/Universal Monsters and/or monsters than can create more of themselves; zombies, vampires, werewolves, mummies (by mummifying other people), etc. The idea could be that these monsters have converted almost all of humankind and are now at war with each other, so each type of monster would be populating the most powerful countries in the world. Anyways the idea still needs tweaking, so therefore the concepts will change as well, so these are just really rough.

Frankenstein's Monster as a Boxer/Street Fighter.

Viking/Barbarian Werewolf.

Ghost Samurai.

Mummy Ninja.

Gill-Man/Creature From Black Lagoon Gladiator.


One of my goals is to get better at environments. It is probably one of my weakest areas, although architecture and environments are something that I'm really interested in personally. Here is some process for some of the environments I have been working on. I haven't scanned the sketches, but I think that the concept was better represented by my quick sketches so I may put them up eventually.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

For Ages 6 and Up

For the last part of this art-dump, it's a page from a children's book project. The story was something that I just came up with, with classic adventure stories in mind. At first I was thinking of allegories and morals to base the story from, but I started to just think of my childhood and stories like The Time Warp Trio, Where the Wild Things Are and Alice in Wonderland; stories where kids would just get whisked away to a magical land and the whole basis of the story was the adventure and the goal is to get home.

I titled the story The Other Side of the Night and it was about this boy who gets lured into another world (one filled with adventure and whimsy of course) through a series of unusual events. The scan turned out a bit blurry...

Acrylic on Masonite.


This is what I've loved working on the most lately. Clean, simple illustrations of megafauna for Information Illustration. Oh my god, it's been satisfying my craving for rendering. I've been wanting to do more serious and clean drawings, and while I enjoy painting and stylizing as well, I've been itching to do more serious and realistic art (or at least a style that combines realism with a clean graphic quality). I've been spending more time than I should on this project in particular, just because I also am fascinated by animals in general, and even more so by some of the crazy prehistoric species with really distinct or unique anatomy.

There's the finished (though I may touch them up) renders of the Paraceratherium and the White Rhinoceros, as well as the line drawings of the ground sloths and three toed sloth. I've also included a rough layout of how the pages will kind of look. I need to rearrange some type, and finish rendering the Coelodonta (it's not done, that's why it looks bad) and possibly add some more spot drawings like the skulls to highlight interesting facts about each species.

Crooked Critters

It's been a long time since I've posted, and it's mostly due to me not wanting to scan things (partially due to being busy and not wanting to waste time scanning, and partially due to my lack of access to a functional scanner, so I must rely on the ones at school, which suck). I've mostly been working on things here and there, some extremely sub-par work, and others where I've been really conflicted in the direction I should be taking.

I'll make a few separate posts for some of the latest stuff I've been doing. This "Crooked Critter" project was a quick in-class assignment in which we had to create an anthropomorphic animal that was some sort of criminal (or just really sketchy). Instead of creating just one and refining it, I went to town and just sketched up a whole bunch of different ones instead. I never really draw animal-people, mostly because it's kind of a niche-genre in itself and not really my thing, but I have to admit I had fun with this! I do love drawing animals and people, so maybe I'll start delving into it some more.