Thursday, March 25, 2010

Canadian History Project

These two illustrations were part of a project for my Information Illustration class.  There's a portrait of J.B. Tyrrell, the man who discovered the first Albertosaurus fossil in Alberta and the namesake of the Royal Tyrrell Museum.  The other is a spot of an Albertosaurus' fossilized skull.


Desert environment and quick designs of ghouls, which originate from Arabian folklore.  Infused elements of trap-door spiders and camel spiders, and think I may push that even further.

Figure Drawings

*Nudity Warning

Just some figures, being drawn.  

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Character Roughs

Some rough stuff.  Just playing around, really.  Arabic warrior/inventor with robotic augmentation.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Now, for a little something different.

So, my friends are designing a fashion magazine and they needed an opening illustration and a few spots for a series of articles.  Anyways, they thought to ask me to give it a shot, since they were waiting for permission to use illustrations from another illustrator.  They wanted something loose, expressive and to have it look like fashion illustration and also relate to the articles.  This was the result, and I don't think they'll be using it, but it was an interesting experiment.

Here's my attempt at creating a loose, pretty, fashion-illustration-like, editorial illustration. The right side was supposed to bleed over, and it would've been a 2 page spread with the text/type/copy on the right side.  


Here's the rendered version of the Elasmotherium.  Yeah, I accidentally labelled it as Coelodonta in an earlier post.  Good thing it's just a class project and I caught it before it was due.  Doing the hair was a good study, although I still could shade this a bit more.  It was fun.