Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Two things I had morphed myself into for class. A rhino and a carnotaurus. Done in Photoshop and acrylics respectively.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Designs for Process Book

Lately I've been working on a Process book non-stop, and it's finally (almost) done! That was some of the rough concept art I was working on. Two of them are for an Alchemist class, one for a Tank character, and one environment. It's a world created for an imaginary video game, based upon Asian fantasy mixed with some European fantasy aspects.

It's a world where Monks have to fight demons based off of animals from the Chinese Zodiac (two of which were posted earlier) and expel them from the world, or seal them away. Whichever. I never got to do all 12 animals, or all 5 classes for that matter, but it's been a fun project. The book layout actually looks decent!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Another Sketchbook Compilation

Here's some random stuff from my sketchbook thrown together in one page.

My favorite's probably the angry guy I've been calling the "Fffffffffairy". The idea sprouted from a conversation that I had with a friend about how drawing any kind of human with bug wings would turn them into a fairy.

The idea for the guy in the top right corner is that he's kind of a spoof of racial allegory in science fiction. Obviously the idea came while talking about District 9. Jokingly, a synopsis about a movie with aliens who built space-railroads and were addicted to space-opium (spopium), came about. They also make good food.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Latest Work

Well, here are some of the last few projects I have worked on for class. First up are four spot drawings based on an article about underground music in China starting to emerge. Carsick Cars, Birdstriking and The Offset: Spectacles are all bands, and Maybe Mars is a significant Chinese indie music label. The last one is kind of rushed, it was a late night/early morning finish.

Next up are the finished Medusa and Perseus. Added the graphic outline to pop them both out and tie them together. I think I could make adjustments to Perseus based on how Medusa turned out. Detailed engravings on the armor, and perhaps a less stylized figure/face.