Sunday, September 27, 2009

First Art-Dump

Here's some old stuff I decided to post. The first picture was done for a children's storybook project at ACAD last year. It's Jack & the Beanstalk, and I had fun doing it. It's done in acrylic and touched up a little bit in Photoshop.

The second piece is unfinished, but I was working on it for a character redesign "assignment" that my friends and I were giving ourselves, and also was going to be the R in a Marvel A-Z project with another group of friends :) Anyways, it's Ricochet from Slingers, and later Runaways and Loners. My favorite obscure Marvel character.

Next is a couple of quick compilations of random things from old sketchbooks. I'll probably post more recent stuff next time.

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